3 Hip Pain Massage Exercises You Can Do At Home

Let’s face it: the hips are complex. They allow us to move in virtually any direction and support much of the weight from the upper body, but they also stress easily. This is why so many people experience pain in their hips at some point. But don’t fret! There are plenty of hip pain massage exercises you can do at home to manage your discomfort. 

A hip massage not only feels good during a flare-up but can also help you prevent future issues with your hips. It’s an easy way to keep your hips healthy and give yourself some much-needed relief when you’re hurting. Because these exercises stretch and relax your muscles, they loosen up the tightness in your hips and reduce pain and inflammation.

Three best hip pain massage exercises

1. Foam Rolling Out the Gluteus Medius

It is believed that the gluteus medius is a muscle found in the hip area that typically creates tension and tightness particularly if you suffer from hip pain or instability in your hip. Most often, it's overlooked and neglected when it is time to stretch and massage things out. A foam roller can be an ideal device that you can utilize to massage the region.

Foam Rolling Out the Gluteus Medius

You can sit on the foam roller at a 45-degree angle to your left side. Roll the foam roller starting just above the bones of your sit all the way to the pelvis region and then return. Move the roller up until you reach the top of your pelvis, which targets muscles in the gluteus medius. Repeat 5 times each which is you will have 10 easy controlled movements. It should be easy to feel sensitivity while you massage those muscles that are tight.

2. Foam Rolling Out the Piriformis

Move your right leg across, opening the pelvis, then move your leg around the sit bone to focus on the piriformis. Piriformis is a muscle deep in the hip area that frequently is tight and causes hip pain.


Foam Rolling Out the Piriformis

Begin with fewer than 10 reps. For example, you can do 3 repetitions per direction. This is especially important in the case of a muscle that is extremely sensitive (because it is important to maintain equilibrium). If you do too much or do too much self-massage and you get too aggressive, you may cause irritation to the muscles. You can do up to 5 repetitions each time to complete 10 repetitions.

3. Foam Rolling Out the Adductor


Foam Rolling Out the Adductor

Make sure you have your foot aligned with the roller. The foam roller should be rolled toward the body. Stop and then return to rolling. The most important thing is to keep the smooth, controlled motion while retaining the sensation of a slight sensitivity, not screaming discomfort.


Hip pain can be debilitating, but it doesn’t have to be. Doing some easy exercises, like the ones listed above, can do wonders for your joints. And it’s important to remember that not all exercises are created equal. You want to make sure you’re doing exercises that actually target your hips. These exercises target your hips, release tight muscles, and improve your blood flow, which not only relieves your pain but also helps prevent future joint issues.

If you don't own a foam roller, you could make use of a ball, such as a soccer ball, a medicine ball basketball, or a ball to perform the exercises. Perform the exercises on all three sides, and then do the three exercises to relieve the pain in your hip. These are easy massage exercises you can perform at home.

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