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10 Seated Yoga Poses for a Better Night's Sleep

10 Seated Yoga Poses for a Better Night's Sleep

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It’s well-known how important sleep is to our physical and mental health. But despite its importance, many people find themselves deprived of quality and sound sleep and notably sleepy during the day.

Low-quality sleep and a lack of sleep can negatively affect a person’s health. Chronic sleep loss can lead to headaches, excessive fatigue, and cognitive impairments.

The unpredictability of life guarantees you’re not going to sleep perfectly every night (and you certainly shouldn’t beat yourself up when it happens). But avoiding poor sleep if and when you can is far more ideal than trying to undo the consequences the next day.

Ever heard of "Sleep Debt"? Sleep debt, also known as sleep deficit, is the difference between the amount of sleep you need and the amount you get. Considering that your body needs eight hours of sleep per night but only gets six, you have two hours of sleep debt.

People try to make up for sleep debt by snoozing more the next night or on the weekend, but there’s no way to make up for it in the short term. The recovery from that night will not take place the next night. It takes a few nights before you recover.

So, if you did sleep poorly last night, what’s the best way to get through the day and get back to a healthy sleep schedule? Yoga is the answer.


Did you know that even a short sequence of yoga postures with conscious breathing can improve the quality of your sleep? Yoga has been shown to help benefit all age ranges and improve sleep, helping you recuperate from your sleep debt.

Yoga before bedtime is an excellent way to release everything you’re holding onto mentally or physically before sinking into a peaceful night of deep sleep.

Introducing: 10 Seated Yoga Poses for a Better Night's Sleep

The 10 Seated Yoga Poses for a Better Night's Sleep involves a series of poses called postures and emphasizes breathing techniques. The slow, controlled breathing in yoga stimulates your vagus nerve. This nerve affects your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which controls your body's rest function and helps you get better sleep. Yoga lowers your heart rate and improves digestion, as well.

The 10 Seated Yoga Poses for a Better Night's Sleep comprises 10 yoga routines that are gentle enough for anyone to complete and can easily be performed in 10 minutes or less each day. 

The program offers Coaching and Instructional Videos to allow you to learn and perform each routine easily and comfortably.

If you spend too many nights tossing and turning, incorporating these yoga stretches into your daily routine before bedtime will definitely be beneficial.

Don't prolong your agony.  You deserve to have a good night’s sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this program help the body to get a better night's sleep?

Yoga is beneficial for sleep because one of the components of yoga is mindfulness, and mindfulness can increase melatonin levels and reduce nightmare sleep disturbances. Melatonin is a hormone that your brain produces in response to darkness. It helps with the timing of your circadian rhythms (24-hour internal clock) and with sleep.

When is the best time to do the program to get optimum results?

Right before jumping into your bed is the best time to do the 10 Seated yoga Poses for a Better Night’s Sleep Program to sleep faster. Incorporating the 10 Seated yoga Poses for a Better Night’s Sleep Program into your nighttime routine will help improve the quality and duration of your sleep. This is especially beneficial for people who sleep lightly, have insomnia, or have limited time to sleep.

How often should I practice to see results?

Experts recommend at least 3-5 times a week of consistent practice for steady progress. And when done regularly, the effect usually takes about 6-12 weeks to see results, although this varies from person to person. Yoga must be practiced in its entirety for the best benefits.

Can I use this program if I’ve had an injury or surgery?

Generally, this program is easy and safe for everyone to perform regardless of age, physical ability and exercise experience. However, if you have an injury or just came from surgery, you should talk to your physician prior to beginning this program. You may also bring this program to your physician to see if the exercises are suitable for you. It is important to remember that not all exercises, pointers, and suggestions are suitable for everyone, and they are not a substitute for medical care. And if you have any concerns about your health and fitness, please consult with your doctor to confirm that it is safe for you to do the exercises.

Are the stretches and movements difficult to perform?

Not at all. These are simple and natural movements that you will easily “get” after one or two viewings of the videos. And each stretch, movement and exercise is very gentle.

How Would I Know If I Am Doing It Right?

Our body and bone structures are different from one another, therefore, there isn’t just one right way to do a pose. To know if you are doing it right is finding out what works for our own bodies. The main thing to remember is that yoga is not meant to hurt. Experiencing different sensations than you’re used to, feeling your muscles working are normal, but if you feel any type of warning pain, such as sharpness or pinching, listen to your body and come slowly out of the pose.

What do I need to perform yoga at home?

You don’t need any special equipment or expensive yoga gear. Just wear clothes you are comfortable with that won’t restrict your range of motion. A yoga mat will provide some cushioning and would help stop your hands from slipping in some poses. But most of the time you can use something in its place.

Do I have to watch all of the videos all in one sitting?

No, you can watch the videos whenever you like to sleep, do parts and pieces whenever you have time, do everything at your own pace, and revisit any aspects of the videos anytime.

Can I watch the videos on my smartphone or tablet?

Absolutely – the videos are in M4V format that can be viewed on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

What if I have additional questions?

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