Secrets of Happy People: 9 Keys to Make Yourself Happier

Secrets of Happy People: 9 Keys to Make Yourself Happier

There is an undeniable correlation between happiness and success. Happy people tend to have more fulfilling and successful lives than those who are not. Those who are happy also tend to remain happy throughout their life, unlike those who are not. Happiness is a choice. No matter what you think or were told, it's still attainable. It turns out that the secret to happiness is not so secret after all. There are many happy people in the world because they know specific things that happy people typically do or have in common, which explains why they’re so content with life and themselves.

Secrets of Happy People

1. People who are happy share the joy with others

Being competitive doesn't make you feel contented. The folks who are content are not prone to jealous reactions when others are happy. They don't just express their joy but share it as well. They are the first to express their pleasure when you post a family photograph on social media, congratulate you on your promotion, or get excited about your new puppy.

When your slightly successful buddy enthuses you about his recent 12-day, three-continent, land-and-sea expedition, you should check your instinct. You can enhance your enjoyment by sharing it. You should be pleased to know that there are people in your life who have experienced something extraordinary. Don't spend a moment feeling envious or bitter. Jealousy and bitterness will never make you a happier person.


2. People who are happy don't take things personally

Have you ever noticed how a cheerful person rarely complains about a co-worker looking at them? This is because people who are content don't take things personally. They know that no one is out to get them in most cases. People who wish to maintain a pleasant disposition don't take things personally. They don't get offended easily, and they don't expect you to walk on eggshells around their egos. Those who wish to maintain a pleasant disposition don't take things personally. They don't take things personally, so they don't get offended easily.

According to Marina Edelman, a licensed marriage and family therapist from Westlake Village, California, you will feel better if you personalize the grimaces of others instead of assuming that you are being disliked. What if we suddenly change our perspectives on how others treat us and assume that we are universally liked by everyone we meet? Would this perspective make us more social, braver, and willing to engage in activities we would not normally engage in? Or would we be more willing to participate in more events, leading to a richer life? Would it make us happier? The answer is 'yes.'

3. Happy People are Chill

In a familiar scenario during rush hour, you may be tempted to flip off the driver tailing you too tightly when driving. A content person is unlikely to fight in the school drop-off line or engage in road rage. They keep themselves under control and react appropriately. To calm yourself down when things get difficult, practice controlling your responses. Other excellent options include breathing exercises, meditation, and listening to peaceful music. As a result, you will be calmer and happier.


4. People choose to be happy because it makes them happy

Have you ever observed that there are individuals who remain peaceful and positive even during the most demanding life circumstances? The happiest people don't just maintain a smile because they were able to store a barrel when happiness came as a downpour from heaven. Instead, they deliberately choose to maintain a positive attitude regardless of their situation. 

Lucy Maud Montgomery, the Canadian author of the 1908 novel, “Anne of Green Gables”, once said that when you seek joy in everything you do, you will nearly always enjoy whatever it is you choose to do.

5. People Who Are Happy Aren't Always Happy

Happier individuals, like the rest of us, go through hard times. They cry over losses, get frustrated, and throw pity parties. The key difference is that they do not stay in unfortunate situations for more than a few days. They don’t believe they’re cursed with bad luck, will never succeed, or can’t win, because they don’t sit around for long. They may not always be happy, but they still strive for it. 

There are times when you won't be smiling, and bad events, difficult life situations, and difficult situations will occur. Sitting down to catch your breath after you've run into a wall is okay. However, you'll soon have to get up and start working on a taller ladder again. It's what you do that makes you happy. You must always remain diligent in maintaining your happiness, whether you've already achieved it or not. It would be best if you made a huge effort to stay afloat on top of it forever, to keep swimming upward. 

6. Happy People Overlook Faults

The happiest people aren’t only attracted to you because you’re handsome, well-dressed, and wealthy. They also know that no one is perfect and don’t expect their friends to be flawless. The happiest individuals overlook other people’s mistakes and accept them with grace. 

Make a habit of declaring, “It’s no big deal.” Give them a break when your friends overlook your birthday or work anniversary. Spending two hours expressing your emotions in your journal about wounds and grievances won't make you happy. However, writing about how you can stop focusing on trivial issues might. 

7. People who are happy won't let you take advantage of them

A person who is content does not act as a doormat. They are usually a boon to you. They are often kind and empathetic, and they will never disappoint you. Happy people are easy to get along with but are not naive. If they have a Netflix account and you want a free ride, think twice because they can see right through the pleasantries. 

How to avoid people taking advantage of you? Stop being a people pleaser. Suppose you constantly give all your generosity and politeness to ungrateful individuals who take everything you have and never try to change their lives. In that case, you will see how fast you can get to feeling unhappy. Stop putting other people's interests before yours. It won't make your life happier.

8. People who are happy trust others

Those who are content don't dread deep, sincere, vulnerable connections with others. They have calculated the dangers and know that establishing strong connections requires trusting others with their true selves.

To maintain the balance between joy and sorrow, the author of “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”, Jonathan Safran Foer wrote, “You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness". You may be injured on your way to happiness and love, but the benefits will be well worth it.

9. People Who Are Happy See the Glass as Half Full

Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh is a good example of a character who is perpetually miserable. Miserable people always have something to gripe about, while contented individuals are not as chatty. 

Begin retraining your brain to see the positive aspects of your life by composing a list of them. If you don't want to write them down, speak them to yourself, your cat, or someone else. Demand yourself to feel grateful and recognize your advantages several times a day. 

Be Happy 

So how do you choose to be happy? Start by cultivating an attitude of gratitude. You won't be happy if you're not thankful for what you have. Gratitude is a catalyst for positivity, and you can practice it anywhere and anytime. From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, take note of 3 to 5 things you're thankful for. This trains your brain to focus on what matters most. It trains you to be grateful for what you have instead of longing for what you don't. And even if things seem hopeless, you can always choose to stay optimistic.

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